More Vehicle Details For Tank Domination And A Gameplay Trailer

Game Insight has dropped a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming mobile game Tank Domination. They have also released new information on the range of American war vehicles that will be making an appearance in the game. There is still no specific release date.

The game will feature 30 vehicles (Russian, American and Chinese) when the game launches and here are the details on the American ones;

A branch of light tanks manufactured in the USA consists of the M4 Phalanxand M4 Hermes, as well as the Chisell prototype vehicle. The medium tanks are M60 A1 and M60 A3. American heavy military vehicles are represented byM1 Abrams and M1A1 Abrams. Fans of self-propelled artillery weapons will be able to use M14 Scorpio and M1000 Ares.

The game is set to launch "soon" for iOS and Android devices, but while we're waiting let's watch the recently released gameplay video they created.

In case you missed it, here's the official game trailer they released a few months ago.