Bugbear Launches Kickstarter For Next Car Game

Bugbear, the studio behind well known racing games such as the Flatout series and Ridge Racer Unbound, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their next game. The game is currently titled Next Car Game, and is a "wreck-fest" demolition racing game.

They are developing a new triple-A quality demolition derby game with a lot of attention placed on soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics, and vehicle upgrading. The game will feature both demolition derby arena action as well as regular race tracks.

They just started the campaign and their goal is set at $350,000. Hit the source link to check it out. The game is heading for the PC for certain as it has been Greenlit on Steam, but they state they are open for development on other platforms, including next-gen consoles.

Here's a trailer of in-game footage. It looks very impressive, but they've had a lot of practice with these types of games so expectation is high..

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at some car damage modeling tests. It's impressive too.