Boost Mobile Prices Unlocked iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C

Boost Mobile, Sprint's prepaid brand, is one of the few carriers in the country that sells unlocked handsets and yet, offers lucrative packages such as unlimited calls, texts and data for as little as $40. Starting November 8, you can pick up the newest iPhones from the carrier. When it comes to pricing, Boost Mobile is being extremely generous in that the iPhone 5S has been priced a full $100 below its retail price. That's right, starting November 8, one can pick up an unlocked iPhone 5S 16 GB from the carrier for just $549.99. Similarly, the iPhone 5C 16 GB can be had for $449.99, which makes it a pretty attractive deal as well. Buyers can also choose to go for models with higher amount of internal storage, with a $100 premium every time the memory capacity gets doubled.

Ready to buy an unlocked iPhone? Or are you too comfortable signing a two-year contract instead.