Creeper World III: Arc Eternal Now Available For PC And Mac

Independent game developer Knuckle Cracker, has announced that the third installment in their Creeper World franchise, Creeper World III: Arc Eternal, has been released worldwide for Windows PC and Mac. It's a real-time strategy with billions of missions.

In the game, players are tasked with fighting back against an advancing enemy and employing such things as terraforming tools, advanced weaponry, orbital drops and more, on variable sized maps. The game also features a map editor (which supports scripting) so players can add an infinite variety of user generated content. Here is the list of features in the game;

* Unique game play featuring an enemy that flows over the map.
* Thermodynamic physics based play.
* Dozens of unique units and enemies.
* Billions of total missions.
* Story arc with insane and unique enemies.
* Explore hundreds of star systems with thousands of worlds in Prospector missions.
* Hundreds of hand crafted missions in the Alpha Sector.
* Dial up your own mission worlds using the 'Dial Map Device' and share the address.
* Create your own maps using the included map editor.
* Play on maps of variable size, dimension, and shape.
* Script your own enemies and effects using the built in scripting language.
* Fight the Creeper, Digitalis, Runners, and other enemies.
* Terraform the landscape during missions to take the higher ground.
* Mine ore and make Anti-Creeper.
* Support for fields, projectiles, orbital drops, resources, and more.
* Discover experimental weapons that devastate the enemy.
* Includes customization of key mappings and other settings.
* Play full screen, window, and various resolutions.
* Share thousands of unique maps with an established, enthusiastic online community.
* Features a unique, original, and awesome soundtrack.
* Hundreds and hundreds of hours of unique game play.

If you jump to the game's website at the source link, you can pick up a demo for either PC (32 or 64 bit) or Mac (OS X 10.5+), or purchase the game for $14.99. You can also pick up the entire trilogy for $24.99.