Tattoo Artist Suing EA Over Copyright Infringment

A tattoo artist is filing a lawsuit against Electronic Arts for using a likeness of NFL star Ricky William's tattoo on the box art for their 2004 title NFL Street. The suit claims that the work is an original creation and that the artist owns the copyright.

Steven Allen, the tattoo artist, stated that Electronic Arts violated the copyright when they re-created the tattoos on Mr. William's right at left arms for their NFL Street game. The filed complaint states;

"Electronic Arts … has copied, reproduced, distributed, adapted and/or publicly displayed copyrighted work without the consent, permission or authority of thereby directly infringing copyright."

It appears that Steven Allen did not become aware of the violation until six years after the game was released in 2010. In addition to suing Electronic Arts, he is also suing Ricky Williams. A case similar to this concerning a tattoo that Mike Tyson had and was used in a film. That case was settled out of court, and this one most likely will be also.