Kerbal Space Program Update Plans Revealed

Squad, the team behind the cute little sandbox simulation game Kerbal Space Program, has revealed their plans for the upcoming 0.23 update. The game is currently in development and is available on Steam Early Access for those who want to jump into the action.

In the game, players are tasked with creating their own space program, which includes building space worthy crafts, and sending you little "Kerbal" crew out into space without killing them in horrific crashes or by having them float away into the void for the rest of eternity. It's harder than you may imagine.

While their current plans are not set in concrete, here is what the team has on the agenda for the next update;

  • Tweakables: One of the most anticipated features by veteran KSP players, as it allows players the chance to "tweak" how parts work during construction of their rockets and space planes.
  • Science Archives: Review all the date you've accumulated to date in this new section of the R&D facility.
  • Science Revisions: Transmission logic is being redone as well as the way experiments can be reset to improve usability while keeping it challenging.
  • Science Lab Module: A new ship part that lets Kerbalnauts test and analyze experiment results while still in the field.
  • 3D Mouse Support: Squad is working to introduce this peripheral to KSP.
  • Optimizations: This update should feature load time and overall performance improvements.

You can head over to the Steam page or to the game's official website to take a peek at what's up, and here's a gameplay trailer for the currently available 0.22 update.