IBM Watson Learns UrbanDictionary: Socially Not Acceptable

IBM's Watson seems to have a bit of a problem when it comes to deciding what is socially acceptable language and what is not. In an attempt to teach it more natural language expression, Watson learned to swear.

Watson is an artificial intelligence (AI) computer system that was developed to answer questions, in particular answers to questions on the television game show Jeopardy, in a simulated natural voice. It's named after IBM's first President, Thomas J. Watson. Watson, the computer, did go on to be the first $1 million dollar winner on the game.

In an effort to teach Watson a more natural expression when it came to speaking, his Overlords decided to let him consume the entire contents of the website Urban Dictionary is a repository of commonly, and not so commonly, used slang and while some of the slang is socially acceptable in normal conversation, a lot of it is absolutely filthy and obscene.

When Watson started responding to queries by the research scientists with answers like "Bullshit", they decided that perhaps allowing him unfettered access to the content was not such a good idea and completely wiped the dictionary from poor Watson's memory.

Watson is now being used in simulations in the medical industry, finance and customer service.