Samsung To Ship 100 Million Galaxy Phones In 2013

Samsung recently held a conference with its investors in which the company divulged undeniably interesting information with regard to future devices. The most exciting of all is of course "true" bendable phones, which are set to arrive in 2015. Let's talk about 2013 now. The Korean phone maker is all set to ship a total of 100 million Galaxy Smartphones and Note phablets before the end of this year. Also, the company will refocus on improving their software (perhaps a UI refresh?) for which Samsung has already established many R&D centers. Hiring of software engineers has also been ramped up, all working towards achieving the same goal.

Additionally, the company has reiterated its commitment to penetrating the 4G LTE market with their own devices. We might see a 4G LTE compatible Exynos chipset in the near future, if that's what the executives are hinting at.

With record profits earned on record revenue, Samsung is all set to be the next Apple, or more like an alternate Apple, one with an entirely different approach and ideals.