Swype 1.6 Released, Brings Mini Keyboards To Giant Android Screens

One of the more common problems faced by the owners of large-screen devices such as the HTC One Max or the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is that the users often find it uncomfortable to type on the device while in portrait mode with just one hand. Swype is bringing in some relief for those fellows. Version 1.6 of this popular keyboard replacement app for Android features multiple keyboard layouts, specially tailored mini keyboards for those extra-large Android Smartphones (termed as phablets). The app lets you manually size up or size down the keyboard, which will appeal to those who like to customize their stuff very much. Also, Mini Keyboards can be used in both portrait and landscape mode (the latter sounds very interesting).

Swype 1.6 for Android can be download from either Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore for $4.