A-Men 2 Drops on PlayStation Network and for PlayStation Vita

We told you that A-Men 2 was looking to hit the PlayStation Network, and for PlayStation Vita sometime in November. True to their word, Bloober Team has announced that the sequel to their original 2012 arcade platform shooter A-Men has landed on those platforms.

Bloober Team states that this is the toughest game releasing this autumn, and is targeted at hardcore players who aren't afraid to fail in an epic manner. The game's key features are;

· Five playable character classes - Aardvark (Spy), Aurelius (Muscleman), Anaconda (Commando), Antler (Engineer), Atom (Private)
· Brand new character skills- Spy; disarm droids when sneaking from behind. Engineer; able to disarm landmines. Private; can pick up disarmed landmines and place them in different locations. Commando;can use jetpacks to reach new locations. Muscleman;can both intimidate and taunt enemies
· Three new worlds- Night Missions, Suburbs, Hidden Labs. Each much larger and more complex than the levels in the original game
· More stages- 44 in total, up from 40 in the original A-Men
· Bigger & tougher- more challenging than the first game with at least 20 hours needed to complete it

Here's their announcement trailer.