iGrillmini Arriving in 2014

If you fancy yourself a high-tech Pit Master, and find that iDevice's iGrill is just a bit too large for your liking, they have announced that their new, smaller product, the iGrillmini, will be released sometime next year. It's a Bluetooth meat thermometer.

The new iGrillmini is similar to the original iGrill in that is uses wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with an app that you can download for your iOS or Android devices. It lets you set and monitor meat temperature, set alarms for when the food is ready, monitor multiple probes and also allows things like Facebook sharing through the app. The device can also be used stand-alone without the app.

The little gadget's features are;

-Seamless Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart technology eliminates the user's need to manually pair their smartphone or tablet.
-Magnetic Mounting: A powerful magnet allows for sturdy and convenient mounting with two viewing positions.
-Bluetooth Smart Technology: Connects within a 150-foot range.
-Ultra Compact: A quarter of the size of the original iGrill. Single probe features and included probe storage.
-Track Your Cooking: Graphing functionality provides exportable graphs of your grills and smokes.
-Proximity Sensor: The Smart LED illuminates once you are within range providing for low energy consumption.
-Unbeatable Battery Life: Up to 150 hours of battery life using a replaceable, coin-cell battery.
-Social Community: Share what you're cooking with your social network.
-Around The World: Globe feature lets you see what other people are cooking.
-Low-cost: Priced at $39.99.
-Small Dimensions: 2" x 1 ¾" x 1 ½".
-Devices: Works with iPad 3 and newer and iPhone 4S and newer (Android coming soon).

You should probably know that while the device can be used to monitor temperatures in an oven by feeding the cable out the oven door, you can't just pop the whole thing in the oven.