Sights from Nikon CES Booth

Nikon came to CES at its usual Central Hall location, with a mix of new and recent products, which will sail it through the year. Among the exhibits are the consumer-oriented Coolpix S-series, amateur-oriented Coolpix P, 1-series, and D-series for professionals. The S-series includes notable models such as the S6500, which brings a large touchscreen and WiFi to the masses. It was dressed in cherry-red. Samsung's Galaxy Camera has company, with Nikon's Android-powered S800C, which gives you everything Android, with Nikon's expertise in imaging.

Moving on, we spotted various 1-series mirror-less camera models targeted at amateur photographers. These include the 1-series S1 (10.1 MP, ISO 100), and J3 (14.2 MP, 10-30 mm optics, ISO 160, panorama mode). Both models feature 73-point auto-focus and burst photography at 15 frames per second. Also spotted were the 16-megapixel P310, and P7700 (12.2 MP, 7.1x optical zoom). The wannabe-DSLR P510 was dressed in metallic red and piano black.

Moving on to the segment that matters, we spotted various DSLRs, including Nikon's cost-performance sweet-spot striking D5200, which boasts of a 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor, and many of the essentials of the D600 at a fraction of its price. The company also exhibited laser-cutouts katana-slashes of the D5200, revealing its mirrorless full-frame innards, including an aspherical lens system, and its unpainted chassis. Clearly, a lot is riding on the success of the D5200.