LG G Flex Price Finally Announced, Less Than That Of The Galaxy Round

The LG G Flex, slated to launch in Korea on November 12th, has been elusive about its price since the device was first announced. Now, weeks later LG has revealed the retail, off-contract price of the world's 2nd curved Smartphone. Starting this Tuesday, residents of South Korea will be able to pick up this 6-inch beauty (which resides in the footprint of a 5.5-incher) for a cool $940. Compared to the Galaxy Round, this actually looks like a good deal (considering that Samsung's offering will set you back by more an $1000).

Perhaps the most exciting news is that LG will bring the G Flex to Europe next month. That's right folks, the G Flex will indeed see a global launch, unlike Samsung's counterpart. No word on a US release date as of yet.