Bad Candy Launches on Facebook and iOS

Landshark Games has announced the release of their latest Facebook and iOS game, Bad Candy. The game is reminiscent of Minesweeper in that it contains a board where players will be tasked with using clues to determine which candies are good and bad.

The game has sixty levels of play in which players will need to determine where the bad candies are hiding by using the good candy's line of sight. In later, more difficult, levels you will see the bad candies "fighting back" by putting the good candies to sleep, confusing and blindfolding them.

The game is available for both Facebook and iOS (for free) and works in a cross-platform manner so that any levels that are unlocked on one platform will be available on the other, so players can continue if they switch platforms. They also note that the game will be coming out for Android in the near future.