Early PS4 Adopters To Get Freebies From Sony

Sony wants its fans to know that it loves them back. And therefore, the company will dish out freebies to all those who have pre-ordered the next-generation game console and will receive it on launch day. This isn't the first surprise package unveiled by the company, and with just a week left for its North American launch date, another round of goodies really ups the excitement.

Alright, you lucky chaps will get $10 of credit for PlayStation Store, which can be used to purchase any category of digital content (be it music or movies or even games) from the online store. Also, a free 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus means 30-days of free online gaming for the lucky first. Music buffs will certainly appreciate 30-days of Music Unlimited streaming.

That's enough for now. Let's see what team Xbox has cooking on their side of the fence.