T-Mobile Nexus 5 Costs $450, Cuts The Long Waiting Time

T-Mobile will soon begin selling the Google Nexus 5, in a two-stage release. Starting November 14th, T-Mobile will open up their web portal to the general consumers who can then place an order. If you prefer the old brick and mortar store, you'll have to wait until November 20th.

The US carrier will sell the Nexus 5 for an off-contract price of $450, which is roughly $100 more than Play Store's asking price. However, paying a premium is quite justified seeing you don't have to pay any additional taxes over $450, nor would you have to wait for several weeks before your device gets shipped. Now, the only way this deal could turn rotten is if T-Mobile sticks its logo on the Nexus 5 before rolling it out to consumers.