Hong Kong PlayStation 4 Launch Slated For December 17th

Back when Sony had first announced the release date of the PlayStation 4 in the US, the company also announced the expected release time frame for many other regions across the globe. Unlike the Xbox One, countries lying in the Eastern hemisphere are being treated fairly by Sony, which could be because the company's home country is Japan (where the PS4 will be launched on February 22, 2014) after all. Countries like India will PS4 by December.

Meanwhile, the US launch is barely four days away (November 15th). We now have a confirmed date for the PS4 launch in Hong Kong, which is slated for December 17th. Sony announced the retail priuce to be 3380 HK$, which is roughly $460. Fancy the PS Eye? That bundle will cost you 3680 HK$ (or about $475). Add Killzone to the bundle and drop PS Eye, the price bumps up to 3780 HK$ (about $490). Take your pick.