BlackBerry PlayBook 2 In The Works?

Troubled Canadian company BlackBerry could be working on the PlayBook 2. Despite statements made by Thorsten Heins (it has been a while since he made them), a new tablet could be coming out of their stables soon. And if the report is to be believed, it will be a relatively inexpensive tablet offering.

Online publication Ciol has listed the PlayBook 2 to be one of the top 10 tablets for Christmas 2013. There's only a short description of the device, "It's much improved on its predecessor and at just £160, it's hard to grumble," which is about as much as we've got right now. This does open up the possibility of seeing a BlackBerry 10 powered PlayBook 2 as early as next month. Add to that an affordable price tag, perhaps some cutting-edge hardware too (or perhaps not) and Android apps emulator, BlackBerry's next tablet could indeed go far. That is, if it does exist.