Canon's DSLRs Strike Poses for Ours

Canon's booth at the 2013 International CES is a complex piece of makeshift engineering. It's got winding aisles of cameras, but has a pavilion overlooking the showfloor across central hall. In there, Canon arranged rows of its various EOS lens systems for visitors (pro photographers and journalists) to go eyes-on.

Among the lenses exhibited were EF series telephoto-zoom lenses, including 28-300 mm (f/3.5-5.6L) flagship, 70-200 mm (f/2.8L), 400 mm (f/2.8L), and super-telephoto 800 mm (f/5.6L).

On our walk into DSLR territory, we were greeted by the EOS M, an amateur's delight mirrorless camera featuring an interchangeable lens. Although not standard equipment, the EOS M was exhibited with an EF-S 17-85 mm f/4-5.6 lens strapped on, over the EF-EOS mount-adapter. The EOS M features an 18-megapixel APS-C "Hybrid-CMOS" sensor, and DIGIC 5 supporting 14-bit RAW output, ISO 100-12800 (ISO 25600 expanded), and continuous shooting at 4.3 FPS.

Pictured right next to it is the EOS Rebel T3/1100D entry-level DSLR, featuring a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor (14.7 x 22 mm), DIGIC 4 processor, ISO 12800 capability, and an included EF-S IS II 18-55 mm, and a light price-tag that makes it the buy if anyone is taking baby steps into DSLR territory.

Canon may not have launched anything in the DSLR front too recently, nevertheless, among the DSLRs exhibited were the EOS 5D (incluing Mk. II and Mk. III), EOS 6D, EOS 1D-X, and the EOS 7D. The cameras sported various non-bundled EOS and EF series lens systems.