Valve Turns Down Hollywood Offer, Fans Rejoice

We all know how bad movies made from video games can be. It seems that Valve knows this too and has turned down offers by Hollywood to make movies of the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead games. In a podcast, Gabe Newell gives us a glimpse of what Hollywood was suggesting.

Gabe recently appeared on a Nerdist podcast and discusses many topics, one of which was Hollywood's proposals for movies based on some of their games. Hollywood directors aren't always known for having a clear vision of what a game is about when they come up with ideas on what would make a good film.

Gabe was pretty straight forward when he stated, "There really were people who came to us with proposals of: 'Okay, it's Half-Life 1, and there are horses, and it's a cavalry charge, and it's high-tech carbon armor on the horses,' and we were like, 'What the f*** are you talking about? Have you even played this?"

Looks like Valve saved us all from what would have been horrible movie tie-ins and huge disappointments to all the fans of the games. Kudos to Valve for taking the high-road and protecting their reputation instead of just heading for the cash barrel.