Taiwanese Woman Infected By Bird Flu

AP Photo/Vincent Yu

A strain of Bird flu that scientists thought would not infect humans has indeed shown up in a Taiwanese woman. This surprise shows scientists that they must take more care to spot strains of flu and how/if they can infect humans. Doctors feel this was an oversight on the scientists part.

Last spring a strain of Bird Flu was identified and spreading in China however two different pharmaceutical companies have reported encouraging results with a vaccine from human tests. The strain identified last spring is feared to have pandemic potential results so a hopeful vaccine is certainly needed.

The woman shown to be infected with this new Bird Flu strain is 20 years old and was hospitalized in May for a lung infection. After being administered Tamiflu and antibiotics a throat swab was sent to the Taiwan Centres for Disease Control where they found she was in fact infected with the H6N1 bird flu.

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