Automobile Mechanic Invents Birth Device That Can Save Lives........In His Sleep!

Diego Giudice for The New York Times

Jorge Odon, a 59 year old auto mechanic from Argentine came up with this incredible idea after watching a YouTube video on extracting a cork out of a wine bottle............In his sleep! Mr. Odon said that his "unconscious" somehow came up with this idea after seeing the YouTube video.

Mr. Odon built his first prototype in his kitchen. He used glass jar to simulate the womb and a handy doll he borrowed from his daughter along with a fabric bag and sleeve his wife had sewn into the fabric bag.

His amazing invention has won the enthusiastic endorsement of the World Heath Organization! This invention is so interesting that an American medical technology company has just licensed this for production as the "Odon Device."

This device could save the lives of babies stuck in the birthing canal and could significantly reduce the amount of cesarean sections.

About 10 percent of 137 million births worldwide every year have complications in the birthing canals according to Dr. Mario Merialdi, the World Health Organization chief coordinator for improving maternal and perinatal health. He said "this critical moment of life is one in which there's been very little advancement for years."

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