Quantum World Record Crushed

An amazing key barrier toward quantum computing has been crushed for a new world record time of 39 minutes! This normally fragile quantum state has been shown to survive for the 39 minutes to be crowned the new world record. This was accomplished by an international team that included Stephanie Simmons of Oxford University UK.

The team reported on this test performed by Mike Thewalt from Simon Fraser University Canada. Other colleagues help to perform this amazing test. In today's world, computers store data in strings of 1's and 0's. In this experiment "qubits" were put into a "superposition" which allows the quantum computer to to perform multiple calculations simultaneously by doing both 1's and 0's at the exact same time.

In order for the team to perform this experiment they raised the temperature of the nuclei of phosphorus atoms in silicon from -269 C to a balmy 25 C in which it lasted a record breaking 39 minutes. Before this amazing experiment it was recorded to only last about two seconds!

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