BlackBerry Z50 And Q30 In The Works?

BlackBerry is rumored to be working on two new handsets for the year 2014. While the new Z30 is a step up from the BlackBerry Z10 launched earlier in 2013, it's still missing a lot of bling-bling as compared to flagship Smartphones from other OEMs (Sony, Samsung, etc.). BlackBerry is playing catch up, and a new rumor spells out the possibility of a Z50 flagship and Q30 QWERTY enabled Smartphone in 2014.

The BlackBerry Z30 allegedly packs a 5.2-inch 1080p display and a quad-core processor, which would make it a first for the BB10 platform as a whole. But don't you start planning to buy this yet, for the rumor also happens to mention an expected release timeframe of Q3 2014. Meanwhile, the QWERTY Q30 will arrive earlier, in Q2 2014. Perhaps a new revision of the OS is also in the cards, regarding which no details are known as of yet.