Zopo To Launch World's First True Octa-Core Smartphone On November 21st


When Samsung first announced the Galaxy S4, the company touted it to be the world's first octa-core Smartphone. Their clever marketing tactics worked and people haplessly pursued the device, only to learn that while 8 physical cores are present, only 4 of them can work at any given time, making the Galaxy S4 no better than any other quad-core Smartphone.

Fast forward to November, and Chinese phone maker Zopo has revealed that they will be announcing the world's first true Octa-core Smartphone, using a chipset made by none other than MediaTek (who would have thought a year ago that MediaTek would come to threaten the Ivy league). A countdown timer on Zopo's website indicates that the official announcement will take place on November 21st. Perhaps MediaTek will launch the MT6592 octa-core processor on the same date, as the company had promised more details related to their new chipset in the month of November.

There's plenty of reason for people living outside of China to get excited, since Zopo is promising an "international" launch, although only 5000 units of the phone will be available on launch date.