Huawei Ascend P6S To Sport In-House Developed Octa-Core Processor

Xu Xin Quan (President, Huawei) mentioned in his Weibo account that the upcoming revision to their claimed world's slimmest Smartphone, the Ascend P6, will sport an updated version of the company's in-house developed K3V2 quad-core processor. The updated processor is said to be an octa-core part, and will debut in the upcoming Ascend P6S. Details are scant regarding both the device and the chipset. Quan is surely not referring to MediaTek's upcoming octa-core part, the MT6592, since the company tends to use their own chipsets wherever possible.

Also, the updated octa-core chipset is said to feature integrated 3G with a lot of battery optimizations made to it. We'll find out how well it fares when the Ascend P6S makes its official entry in early 2014.