PlayStation 4's AMD APU Allegedly Features 128 Additional Stream Processors took a closer look at the PlayStation 4 teardown, and then spent quality time cozying up with the design and layout of the AMD APU powering the beast. Only, the analysis revealed a result which could once again shake the belief of Xbox One fans. While the GPU in the PS4 is already touted to be 50% more powerful than the one in Microsoft's new console, could it be that the number isn't final?

A Chinese publication found reasonable amount of evidence to claim that Sony's latest and greatest actually features 128 additional stream processors. Also, a scan of the APU reveales that the additional graphics processors haven't been lasered off, and hence this leaves the possibility of Sony unlocking them and their additional (10%) power with a software update in the near future.

It could be that Sony has locked the last 2 CUs (compute units) due to yeild issues. While one APU might feature 20 functioning CUs, the other might only have 18 (or even fewer, in which case it would simply be discarded). We eagerly await official word from Sony to shed some more light on this matter.