Sony Expects Slower Price Drops With The PS4

The new Sony PlayStation 4 is truly a wonder console. Not only does it feature copious amounts of horsepower, but the console actually costs a whole $100 less than Microsoft's next-generation offering. And so, it comes with little surprise that Sony expects the price of the PS4 to remain much more stable, with price drops coming in rather slowly.

"Our hardware teams have chosen more standardized components to create PlayStation 4 and that's contributing to our launch price of $399 versus $599 for the PS3," - Shuhei Yoshida, Sony

"Because we're already using more standardized components, the room for costs to come down might actually be slower than when we were starting with cutting edge stuff."

This is mainly contributed by the fact that the PS4 has been launched at just $399, a far cry from the launch price of the PlayStation 3 back in 2005 ($599). It's difficult to cut down manufacturing costs without a die shrink or development of newer, smaller and more efficient components. Don't expect to see a PS4 slim for at least two years, perhaps with a 20nm (or smaller) APU which would contribute to lower power consumption and.. (off we go into fantasy land).