Strike Force Heroes: Extraction arriving on November 21st

Australian game publisher Not Doppler has announced that their upcoming side-scroller game, Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, will be heading to the Apple App Store on Thursday, November 21st for iOS devices. Lots of running,jumping and shooting.

In the game, players will have to run, jump and gun their way though a rouge military organization's headquarters in order to gather intelligence data on a potential threat. Developed by Canadian studio Sky 9, the game is a mobile and tablet spin-off of the popular Flash game Strike Force Heroes.

The game's key features are;

- Run, jump and shoot your way through 30 action-packed stages in Campaign Mode
- Unique 'cover' mechanic which allows players to swipe-down to duck behind objects and to pick off the enemy one-by-one.
- 20 playable characters, each with unique flaws and unlockable perks; allowing for different game-play challenges and experiences depending on who you choose to play with.
- Intense helicopter chases which will give you no choice but to run for your life!
- 33 Weapons. 2 unlockable endless modes. Epic enemy firefights and tons of upgrades.

The game will be available on November 21st for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $1.99, and the high definition iPad version will set you back $2.99.