Space Station Alpha gets Kickstarter Campaign

Australian developer Jacob Wilkinson, who is working on his game by himself in his spare time, wants to make sure you know there is a Kickstarter campaign up for Space Station Alpha. It's an interesting looking little game where you have to build a space station.

The game basically has you starting in an empty section of space with only a few credits and a WorkerBot, and your job is to build a space station and turn it into any combination of a tourist destination, economic hub or military and diplomatic center. You'll have to cater to various humans and aliens to keep them happy and maintain the station so your guests don't die.

The campaign has a very modest funding goal of $5000 (AUD) which Mr. Wilkinson says he will use to hire some artists and audio people to help make the game better. There is currently an alpha version that backers (of $12 or more) can start playing immediately and help with feedback on the game. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign at the source link.