Kickstarter Campaign goes up for Batonk!

In another Kickstarter "heads up", Los Angeles based developer Psychic Bunny has launched a campaign for their new game, Batonk! The game is described as a "robot sport" in which players will be competing in an arena trying to score goals with their robots. The developers explain that "Batonk!" is the sound a robot makes when it crashes into something.

The game works like a multiplayer digital card game where players have to give their robot commands to move around the field in an attempt to score goals and at the same time protect their own goal. The game is targeted to run on a television that is connected to either an Ouya console or a PC, and players control their robots from their smartphone or tablet using a companion app.

The robots, called Tunkers, dumbly follow the command until they get a new command or else score a goal. If they hit obstacles, they turn around and keep moving. If they score a goal, they'll show off or do tricks. They'll sometimes get confused or misbehave depending on how many conflicting commands they get from players. They'll cheer you on or taunt you.

If the game sounds like it would be fun for you and your couch potato friends to play, head over to the Kickstarter campaign at the source link for more details.