Aspects TD lands on the App Store

Sabaton Games have announced that their new game Aspects TD is not available on the Apple App Store with a special launch price of $1.99. The game is touted as the first multiplayer iOStower defense war game, which allows players to defend and attack.

In the game, players take on the role of a demigod who is able to summon "totems" (towers) for defense as well as units to attack the other player. Similar to other tower defense games, successful attacks will generate income for the player so they will have to maintain a balance between building enough towers to protect themselves and at the same time making sure they do not run out of resources.

The game includes both a single player story line mode and a Bluetooth or local wireless network multiplayer mode.

You can jump over to the App Store at the source link, and here is a video to check out the action.