Galaxy Run coming to App Store on December 4th

Spiel Studios, creators of the popular game Propel Man, have announced that their upcoming auto-running platformer Galaxy Run will be launched on December 4th of this year. When it drops, the game will be available for $0.99 and they promise free updates.

In the game, players will have to navigate their way through various levels, which get more difficult as they progress, by jumping, voiding obstacles an using different abilities and power-ups. Gamers will have to master the art of moves like double-jumps, speed boosts, grappling hooks and more.

"The auto-running genre with single screen levels has not been explored. With Galaxy Run, players are going to enjoy the learning curve and get addicted to this type of gameplay." Mohit Sureka, CEO, Spiel Studios, explains. "With the huge number of levels in the game, we're offering plenty of content for anyone that wants to experience a top notch title that provides the old school kind of challenge in the later levels that real gamers enjoy."

The game is set to have 18 chapters which contain 360 levels, so there should be plenty of content to keep players going for quite a while. The game's official website is at the source link and here's a video for your viewing pleasure.