New Fluid Dynamics Record set on IBM BlueGene/Q

A team of scientists from ETH Zurch and IBM Research have set a new supercomputing record in the field of fluid dynamics. The feat was accomplished using 6.4 million threads on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's "Sequoia" IBM BlueGene/Q supercomputer.

The simulations resolved phenomena associated with clouds of collapsing bubbles. This has been the largest simulation ever in fluid dynamics employing 13 trillion cells and had a sustained performance of 14.4 petaflop, which is 73% of the theoretical peak of the supercomputer's computational ability.

The simulation resolved 15,000 bubbles, which is a 150-fold increase over previous simulations and saw a 20-fold reduction in time to reach the solution. The simulations of the collapsing bubbles have several potential applications which include; improving the design of high pressure fuel injectors, elimination of kidney stones using the high pressure of the collapsing bubbles, and new treatments using the bursting bubbles for destroying cancer cells.