Call of Duty: PC Receives A Patch, Drops Ridiculous 6 GB RAM Requirement

In favor of 4 GB

Infinity Ward has announced that a patch for the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts is now available. A much needed update to the game weighs in at 400 MB, but nobody is going to mind its size since it brings down the ridiculous amount of RAM required to run the game from 6 GB to a more acceptable figure, i.e. 4 GB. Patch notes have not yet been made available, Infinity Ward has promised to release it soon.

Right after the game was leaked to the internet, hackers had managed to bypass the 6 GB RAM requirement, which left legit buyers furious. It's good to see the game developers respond to the community with haste, but can they explain as to why such a requirement was set in the first place?