ARM Confirms 64-bit Chips By Samsung, 128-bit To Follow

We've been hearing about Samsung working on a 64-bit Exynos Octa chipset for quite some time now. Most recently, the rumors started hinting to a 14nm based chip. Today's post doesn't talk about the latter, but does confirm the former, thanks to a "senior ARM official." Here are his exact words:

"Executives from Samsung and ARM had a meeting today. They discussed the ARM 64-bit chip, which is expected to be used in Samsung's Smartphone next year..."

Also, Samsung's solution is expected to be much faster than the current Apple A7, also a 64-bit chip. We don't really doubt that, but let's hope it doesn't outpace its rivals at the cost of battery life. Another note left by the insider is that 128-bit chips are in talks, but we won't be hearing much about them at least for two years from now. That's fine by me.