NanoLight - The Most Green Efficient LED Lightbulb

This light-bulb could take the world by storm! Putting out as much as a 100W incandescent light-bulb and only using 12 watts. With so many "energy" efficient light-bulbs out that use 20 to 60 watts to equal a 100 watt bulb, at 12 watts the NanoLight could take energy efficiency to the next level.

This bulb claims to be far more efficient than any other LED bulb on the market today. High efficiency cost effective lighting is more or less still an uncharted area until now. Not only is this bulb a high efficiency light, but it is also a omni-directional bulb as well. By this it means the bulb is built to distribute light in all directions much like a incandescent light. Another feature is instant on, where most fluorescent bulbs do not have this feature.

"The NanoLight operates at 133 lumens per watt which is about 200% better than other light bulbs available on the market!" This being reported from the current research on this bulb.

Will this bulb benefit you in the long run?

According to the development team it will. They are claiming the bulbs life cycle is 25 to 30 years, will save hundreds per year in electricity costs, and save CO2 emissions just to name a few benefits of this bulb.

The NanoLight will be made in either black or white and come in 10 watt (75W equivalent) and 12 watt (100W equivalent) variants.

To read more about this exciting technology check out Kickstarter today.