Apex Launcher 2.2 Lets Everyone Get A Taste Of KitKat

Fancy KitKat's updated and refined UI? Put off that there's no upgrade to Android 4.4 in sight for your phone? An Android app may be the solution to your woes. Apex launcher, one of the most popular 3rd party launchers on Play Store, has been updated to version 2.2. Along with come (in beta form, so you will have to sign up for it first) many of KitKat's features such as transparent navigation bar. Keep in mind, the app is still in beta and many features are yet to be implemented. In addition, it is a fairly easy process of installing the latest Google Now and Google Search app on any (compatible) Android Smartphone. This way, you can take your Smartphone experience one step closer to the way Google intends it to be, as on the Nexus 5.