PlayStation 4 Consumes More Power Than Xbox One, Sports Faster Browser

Twice as fast

AnandTech has conducted their own 'mini' review of the next-generation consoles (in reality, this review is more thorough and detailed than 90% of reviews available on the internet), and have revealed some not-so-surprising figures. As it turns out, the PS4 consumes more power than the Xbox One in almost all load scenarios, be it gaming (test was conducted while playing Battlefield 4) or blu-ray playback. The difference is of about 20W, which is easily forgivable since Sony's new console offers consistently better performance across the board (thanks to superior hardware), especially in AAA cross-platform titles such as CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and AC IV: Black Flag. Standby power consumption of the PS4 is half as much as the readings shown by the new Xbox, while the former idles at nearly 19W more power.

Another interesting detail uncovered by AnandTech is that the PlayStation 4 performs twice as fast as the Xbox One in SunSpider. Kraken benchmark sees a fivefold increased scores for the PS4., These are indications that browsing in general will be much (much) smoother on Sony's console.

Well, who would have thought?