Playing Computer Games Sync Brains

Aalto University

Scientists have researched that playing computer games together can make the players think alike. They have said that it will bring the players emotional responses and brain activity into "unison." During the study the group of scientists found similar emotions and brainwaves.

Michiel Sovijärvi-Spapé, one of the study scientists, explains; "It's well known that people who communicate face-to-face will start to imitate each other. People adopt each other's poses and gestures, much like infectious yawning. What is less known is that the very physiology of interacting people shows a type of mimicry -- which we call synchrony or linkage."

The study was conducted playing a game called Hedgewars which has the players managing their own team of animated hedgehogs. The goal in the game is to destroy the opposing teams hedgehogs.

"Replicating previous studies, we found linkage in the fEMG: two players showed both similar emotions and similar brainwaves at similar times. We further observed a linkage also in the brainwaves with EEG," stated Sovijärvi-Spapé.

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