Guild Wars 2 Future Plans Announced

On the official game website, Colin Johanson, the Development Team Lead for Guild Wars 2, has blogged about what they've accomplished in the game since launch, what's in store for the MMO in the upcoming months and that they've reached over 3 million sales.

He states that since launch they have surpassed the 3 million sales mark for the game and have become one of the most critically acclaimed massively multi-player online games of 2012. They have introduces new dungeon experiences with the Fractals of the Mist area, added new PvE and PvP maps, and have held multiple events.

They will continue to focus on exclusive events for the players, similar to their Halloween, Lost Shores and Wintersday events. He states that they have learned a lot from player feedback and intend to make the upcoming events even better. They will also focus on keeping the game rewarding for the players by tweaking and updating the rewards system so that players can gain achievements and continue to develop their characters and maintain sense of accomplishment.

The will also be adding new guild content and polishing the World vs. World features in the game. Jump to the source link for all the details about what you will see in the game in the near future.