Alledged Industrial Espionage By Ex-AMD Employees

Four former AMD employees are facing charges of industrial espionage which claim that they stole thousands of confidential documents before leaving to work for rival company Nvidia. They are also accused of violating "No-Solicitation" clauses in their contracts.

The four people who were named in the suits are Robert Feldstein, Manoo Desai, Nicholas Kociuk and Richard Hage. Robert Feldstien played a big part in the company first with Ati and then during the console push when AMD was securing rights to supply graphics hardware for the Xbox 360, and later with the Wii U, Durango and Orbis.

The complete list of accusations leveled against the four (or some of the four) includes:

- Misappropriation of trade secrets
- Violation of unfair competition laws
- Computer fraud
- Breach of employee's duty of loyalty
- Breach of contract
- Conspiracy

AMD will be trying to recover the stolen documents and has been granted a restraining order against all those charged. The suit is only against the four people and does not involve Nvidia.