Foxconn Could Manufacture Samrtphones at its US Facilities

Mainstream electronics manufacturing has come a full circle for the United States. Once having held a stranglehold on till the mid-1980s, the industry eroded eastwards to the likes of Japan, Taiwan, China, and Singapore.

American companies that eventually lost competition to Asian companies are seeing a revese-investment of those Asian companies back to the U.S. Companies invested in semiconductor manufacturing, such as TSMC and GlobalFoundaries, are setting up manufacturing in the American North-East, while device assembly and contract-manufacturing plants are planned by the likes of Foxconn, which are also investing in Brazil, in that part of the world.

Chinese publication cnYes reports that Foxconn could be considering manufacturing smartphones, alongside its original plans to manufacture notebooks and tablets stateside. According to the report, Foxconn could be eyeing America's western seaboard to set up its plants. The running idea here is to balance the design and software development prowess of the west with hardware manufacturing, so things can be geographically integrated to a greater extant.