Amazon Selling Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone For $69

Fancy a cheap Windows Phone 8 powered handset? Thought a $99 price tag slapped on the Nokia Lumia 520 was a good deal? Amazon doesn't think so. And therefore, Amazon Prime is setting the bar even higher with the lowest price tag ever seen on a Lumia 520. Nokia's entry-level handset can be yours for just $69, no strings attached. It's a GoPhone, meaning you can throw in only an AT&T compatible SIM. However, you won't have to sign any contracts, just use a regular prepaid connection instead.

For the 4-inch WVGA display, 1 GHz dual core processor and WP8 experience that works mostly without hiccups, the Lumia 520 is an excellent secondary phone for those who need another device to carry around which isn't a dumb phone.

Amazon - Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone