Need For Speed: Rivals 60FPS Fix Is Out


Game modders unhappy with the framerate on the new Need for Speed title being locked at 30FPS decided to do something about it, and have been mostly successful. Following the use of this mod (which is a simple command line), PC gamers can enjoy NFS: Rivals at 60FPS, given their computer's graphics cards are good enough to handle the pressure.

"-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60″

True, adding the code above to the game shortcut's path unlocks the framerate from 30FPS to 60, but

u need the Frames to be ROCK Stable..
lets say u make this command with 60/60.
Now when u are in-game but have only , say , 50 fps mostly cause of performance issues, low OC, or simply the PC you are using isn't strong enough, then the game speed will change.

50/60 than means, that the game plays SLOWER. that's also why the game with only the FPS command runs faster, since the gameSpeed is still at 30!!

There you go. So either you already own a muscle GPU, will buy one immediately, or forget about this mod and be happy with 30FPS like the rest of the world (and console players).