Twitch to Ban PS4 Users who Stream Non-Gaming Content

After the big fiasco where a man revealed his wife's boobs to the world word on live TV (long story short, they were drunk and that guy is getting a divorce), Twitch has decided to tighten its grip on its service, which is available to all PlayStation 4 owners in North America out-of-the-box. Users who are streaming any content that is not related to gaming, will be banned, and rightly so seeing the current scenario.

Many people are using Twitch as a platform to increase their popularity, earn more views and ultimately earn more money (ads). Well, to such people, there are other platforms (YouTube) where you can continue with your money minting. Leave gamers be.

Twitch clarified in a follow up tweet that talking about games is considered "gaming content," so talk shows have nothing to fear (as of now).