Are You Wondering How Old Buddha Is? Archaeologists May Have The Answer

Ira Block/National Geographic

Archaeologists uncovered evidence in Nepal that dates Buddha to the sixth century B.C. This new evidence has been discovered in a structure of the birth place of the Buddha. This is the first evidence to suggest a specific century for the Buddha ever.

This new evidence was discovered at the sacred Maya Devi Temple at Lumbini, Nepal. The Maya Devi Temple has long been identified as the actual birth place for the Buddha. The discovery has uncovered timber dating to the sixth century B.C.

Before this newest discovery, archaeologists only had evidence from the Buddhist structures dating to the third century B.C.

"Very little is known about the life of the Buddha, except through textual sources and oral tradition," said Professor Robin Coningham, archaeologist from Durham University, U.K. "We thought 'why not go back to archaeology to try to answer some of the questions about his birth?' Now, for the first time, we have an archaeological sequence at Lumbini that shows a building there as early as the sixth century B.C." he went on to explain.

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