iPhone 6 Has Sapphire Glass Screen, Cost Apple £350 Million in Development Costs

Apple has reportedly splurged as much as £350 million to develop Sapphire Glass screen for the iPhone 6. The super toughened glass will be used to cover the entire front of the iPhone 6, which in turn will allegedly feature the biggest display on an iPhone yet. According to the latest reports, Apple's next-generation Smartphone might pack a 4.9-inch display, which would make it the biggest iPhone till date. Likewise, the iPhone 5C successor will also sport a larger display, but we don't have any more details of that as of now.

Sapphire glass is being described as virtually scratch free, and that sounds really great. I, for one hate to have to put a screen guard on my beautiful Smartphone. And for that matter, a case to protect it and a portable battery to make sure I don't run out of juice at mid-day. OEMs need to tackle these issues, which obviously are the biggest problems faced by Smartphones in today's times. Higher screen resolutions, thinner bodies, more CPU cores can wait, really.