Valve Launches Steam Guides To Help Players

Valve has officially launched Steam Guides on its software distribution platform. Steam Guides allow players to create or find guides for their favorite, or not so favorite, game titles on Steam. Players can create full guides and walk-throughs to help other players.

Steam Guides can be accessed by selecting a the Guides tab on the game's community hub inside Steam. The guides can cover just about anything including beginner guides, strategy tips for multi-player games, or just short tips on getting past a frustrating point in a game. Creators can upload images, add screenshots and embed YouTube videos to enhance their guides.

The Steam Guide page shows that there are currently over 1300 guides available. It shouldn't be very long before there are guides for all the popular games on Steam. Maybe people will start jumping to the guides instead of rage quitting when they get stuck on something. Then again, maybe not.