Opera Turns to Webkit for New Mobile Browser

Ahead of its February launch at the sidelines of MWC 2013, Opera Ice got a backroom unveiling to industry partners, which got leaked to the web, courtesy Pocket-lint. In what is the Norwegian company's latest gambit against newcomers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome into the realm of mobile device web-browsers (for smartphones and tablets), Opera chose a similar path to Google, by prioritizing performance, even as Mozilla wants to stick to its ideals of keeping the web (and the web-browser) open (in standards and code).

Opera Ice is a new touch-optimized web-browser for mobile devices with a liking for tablets. It is being built with a slick new UI that maximizes web-page view, is compliant with all new touch-optimized web-standards, and is based on Webkit, the same browser engine that drives some of the fastest in the industry, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and the lesser known Konqueror. Google Chrome already supports a great deal of compliance with touchy-web standards, and is standard-equipment on Google's Android 4.2 operating system. Perhaps Opera is looking to save resources trying to implement these standards into its in-house Presto engine, not to mention the time spent in ironing out bugs.